“I am a mother, wife,
chronic pain warrior,
rare disease advocate,
blogger and business
owner with a fierce
passion to leave my


My blog started as a simple way to express myself and manage the daily struggles with my sons rare disease, parenthood, and being a woman and mother. Little did I know it would become so much more then my little diary…


At the core of everything I do is my family. They are my why and my biggest motivation. We are a family who constantly chooses to commit to each other everyday, whether life is hard, easy, beautiful, or ugly. We make a conscious decision to weather the storm alongside each other. We don’t have all the answers – just our experiences, which we hope can benefit and impact other people who are walking in similar shoes.


Our family had the pleasure of interviewing over 20 BWS families from around the world to learn about their experiences and help get their story out. We called these our Because We’re Strong Segments. We have now turned those stories along with other chronic illness and invisible struggles into a podcast. Our podcast is a place for those who struggle silently to no longer do so. We want people to share their voice and their story in the hopes of creating change.

INTERVIEW: Tri Bourne Olympian & Myositis Warrior Because We Are Strong

Hey Peeps! It’s Kristine and I am flying solo! Today we have a very special guest, Olympic volleyball player Tri Bourne! Not only is Tri an elite athlete, he also is a RARE. athlete, having been diagnosed with Dermatomyositis in 2016. This is going to be a great episode, so let’s dive in_________________________________________________________________________________________________Tri Bourne is a professional beach volleyball player, former professional indoor player and NCAA Division 1 Men's Volleyball player for the USC Trojans. He has been a part of the United States indoor and beach national teams since 2005. He was born on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, where he grew up. Tri's journey has been truly RARE.  In 2016 the onset of a rare disease came and took Tri out of the game for nearly two years. Determined to make his dreams come true Tri fought back and found himself at the Toyko 2020 Olympics. Meet Tri Bourne:I’m a beach vball professional. I got an autoimmune disease back in 2017 which kept me out for 2 seasons. I later came back, after making the most of my time off, and made the Olympic team…. Find more information at my website http://www.tribourne.netLearn More about Tri Myositis Journey___________________________________________________________________Connect with Tri:FB: tribourne IG:@tribourne YouTube channel:  Tri Bourne ________________________________________________________________This episode is sponsored by :Consolidoc – http://www.consolidoc.com  That's why the BC Schizophrenia Society has launched a brand new podcast, called Look Again, Mental Illness Re-examined. Host Faydra Aldridge talks to doctors, families, and people with lived experience about how to recognize mental illness, and the specific treatments that can help. Check it out. They'll really challenge you to“look again” at what you think you know about mental illness. Support the show (https://www.patron.com/findyourrare)
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