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Hey Hey all ! Welcome to the Tribe! If you have landed on my page chances are your either a BWS momma, a hot mess momma, or just a momma in general. Welcome! I am happy to have you here. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Theresa, mom to two boys, a wife to my high school best friend, and a mom thats on the hot mess express train REGULARLY! I started Living Larger because of my son’s rare genetic syndrome – Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome.

I want to connect with other mothers and share experiences over his rare condition. As well as show others how it DOES NOT DEFINE us – thus Living Larger was created. I want to connect with all types of moms. Like the moms who aren’t sure if they are doing the mom thing right. The moms who are hiding in the bathroom with a glass of wine in their pjs from the night before, and all the other moms in between. All of those who at one time or another have been, & still are me ! Life is a crazy journey and I am excited to Live it Larger with all of you ! Welcome to the Tribe!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Tribe!

  1. Omgoodness my mom just sent this to me. I am a mom of a BWS and EDS and PKD1 plus more. I live in Phila. but closer to Lafayette Hill. Is there a group of moms that get together or play dates? Thank you for this blog

    1. Hi ! So glad you found us !!! There’s actually another BWs mom from philly I know and one in Jersey ! We would love to get together !!! You can dm me in instagram anytime ! I’ll send you number !

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