I remember driving to my follow up doctors appointment the morning of February 7, 2018 and having a slight headache. I just remember feeling like I couldn’t wait to get this big baby boy out of my belly. Let’s face it I was miserable. I was the size of someone who was having triplets and I had been that size for months now. At 6 months pregnant people were asking me if I was due any day. As calmly as I could with gritted teeth I would say, “No, actually not due until February.” Cue the gasps and pity from random strangers for my enlarged state. I am not kidding you when I say that Owen’s birth was a victory.

Finally someone feels bad for me

I got to my doctors appointment and he couldn’t fathom why I was still pregnant. I wasn’t past my due date but he took one look at me and said there is no reason that baby needs to stay in there any longer. At my appointment my blood pressure was slightly elevated. And I mean slightly. Maybe 130/90. He used that as reason enough to send me to triage. To this day I will never forget that he did that for me!

I got to triage and they wanted me to stay for a few hours to see what my blood pressure did. Of course it went back to normal. I was so frustrated. Though, lucky for me, the OR was slow that day and they told me if I wanted to have my C-Section I could. Or I could come back for when it was scheduled, 4 days later. In my head I thought, “Are you guys insane?! On what planet do you think I would choose to come back in 4 days?! Do people actually like being pregnant that they would go home and come back?!” (I have found out those people actually do exist which always drove me nuts while I was pregnant) Don’t get me wrong I love my children. Being pregnant? No. Not so much.

Today is the day

Extremely pregnant with Owen - the victory of birth
3 days before Owen was born

I told the nurse I absolutely wanted my son to come that day but that my husband needs to be there. I called my husband and told him he needed to leave work right away because our son was coming. It took him a little to get there because he was working in the city at Children’s Hospital that day. Luckily our 4 year old son Michael Jr. was with my mom. My husband arrived and they gave him the hat, mask, and gown to wear in the OR. I’m going to take a minute right here to blow up his spot. He felt SO COOL! But also, I think he was so excited for our son to be here. It was really cute. I remember the look on his face like it was yesterday. I won’t forget that look ever.

They wheeled me in and had my husband wait outside while I got my spinal. He probably would have fainted if he saw that. He nearly fainted during the birth of our first son. I had to tell him to get it together while I was mid push. Once my spinal was done and I was prepped and draped they brought my husband in to the head of the bed.

Mom’s know best

Right before my doctor did the incision she said, “I’m still guessing this baby will be 10 pounds.” Cue my exhausted eye roll. For the last few months I told my doctors that I knew my baby was huge. Towards the end of my pregnancy they told me that he was on the larger size but probably no more then 10 pounds.

They were trying to push me to go into labor with him. I was adamantly against it and not because he was a bigger baby. Our first son Michael was 8 pounds 13 ounces and I had him vaginally. I just knew that Owen was different. I could feel limbs everywhere in my belly. In my gut I knew this baby was at least 12 pounds. I adamantly refused going into labor because I feared he would get stuck during the process. I was trying to avoid that scenario. Well let me tell you. I am so glad I trusted my gut. I laughed at my doctors guess and replied, “No way! He’ s going to be close to 12 pounds.” Guess who won?

The victory of birth Owen

I will never forget seeing Owen for the first time. Just writing about this moment now brings tears to my eyes. He was perfect! He was half an ounce shy of 12 pounds. Mommy knows best right? I had a smug little smile on my face I’m not going to lie. Owen was so big he looked like a 1 year old, He had such a smooshy grumpy old man face. And did he have a pair of lungs! Holy smokes! He was screaming and screaming and screaming. (This was such a sweet sound for me because Michael never cried when he was born. They had to resuscitate him. It was the scariest couple minutes of my life).

Our Victory Warrior baby

Taking a look at the beautiful boy we were blessed with I just felt the tears roll down my cheeks. The love that comes with having a child is something indescribable. It lives within your soul. Somewhere so deep you cant imagine never feeling it before. I remember when I finally got to hold Owen, how big he felt. And I sure wont forget when my husband looked at me and said, “Okay. I’m sorry. I now see why you were so miserable towards the end.” Nothing is sweeter than finally holding your beautiful baby in your arms while at the same time hearing your husband tell you he was wrong. Such a sweet sweet victory…

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