Insanity. There are so many things that I deal with on the reg that this one little word applies to. An example perhaps? Here is a good one. There is not a single day that goes by where Michael Jr. remembers to wash his hands and flush the toilet after he uses the bathroom. He is almost 5 years old. How is this possible? I literally am dumbfounded. Its the same thing every day! Go potty, flush, wash hands! What is happening ?! Where did I go wrong?!

Insanity literally means, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Some situations like the above mentioned are just inevitable. I have come to realize there isn’t much I can do about that one, except to repeat myself ,ONE MILLION TIMES! There are, however, other situations that have solutions. Sometimes you just need to look really hard to find them!

Since Owen was born we have always had an issue with keeping him dry over night. At first we thought that the diapers were too small so we upped the size. Still no luck. Then we started to double diaper him at night. Still no luck. We then tried to put pad inserts in his diapers. Still, he woke up soaked EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. You see where I’m going with the insanity thing again? Our endless mornings of waking up to a baby COMPLETELY soaked from head to toe, all the way through his sheets, became very familiar. Not only was it super annoying to have to do a load of wash EVERY morning, I also felt really bad for Owen. He never complained, but seriously, who wants to sleep covered in their own urine all night long? I sure don’t. We literally tried everything. And before you ask, no, we do not limit his fluid intake. Try limiting any food or fluid from a BWS baby and let me know how that works for you! Owen’s syndrome causes his metabolism to be in overdrive so he is constantly eating and drinking. Even when he doesn’t have alot to drink before bed, he will always wake up wet, regardless of double diapers or inserts. I couldn’t understand how we were unable to find a solution for this problem. I knew that we were not the only family who struggled with this. Any child can leak through their diaper, not just children with his condition. I made it my mission to try and find something that would not only help us, but to help other mothers. After months of searching I finally found the answer. Peepeepants for the win!

PeepeePants are the most incredible solution I have found thus far. These pants, actually shorts,  are meant to be worn over a diaper and under clothes. Essentially, their genius wrapped into a cute lightweight 3-ply construction design. The material is soft and comfortable and actually draws moisture away from your babies skin. When I came across these shorts I immediately wanted to try them. Not only did they work exactly like they said they would, they were extremely well made. They go very high in the back and Velcro in the front. The Velcro in the front is fabulous especially for BWS babies because many of them have very large bellies. The Velcro allows for adjustable comfort for your little one. The other great thing about these miracle workers is that they are incredibly affordable! They are only $22.50. That is a steal, considering their reusable! Just throw them in the wash and hang them too dry. I even got two pairs so that I could alternate them, to always have a clean pair for Owen at night. The days of waking up and immediately bathing a baby and doing a load of laundry are no more! And for the moms who wake their babies up to change them, you first deserve the best mom award and second, you definitely need to get PeePeePants! You won’t always get amazing solutions to the problems you encounter as a mother, such as my sons lack of hand washing and toilet flushing! But when you do, you have to eat them up like your sanity depends on it! To try these amazing shorts go to http://www.peepeepants.com and use code LARGERTHANBWS at checkout for 20% off! 

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