Blogging Isn’t Easy

There is a common misconception that being a blogger is an easy thing. I have heard so many people say how “easy” it is. Let me pose a question for you then. If it is easy, how come everyone isn’t doing it? I always love when people decide what is easy and what isn’t. Like the people who scream at the TV screen when a wide receiver drops a pass. COME ON, EVEN I COULD CATCH THAT BALL! Could you really? Because I am pretty sure that football player is making millions to catch it while you sit on your couch drinking miller and scarfing chips. Let me be the one to tell you, blogging isn’t easy. Not if you’re trying to do it right and with a purpose.

Blogging takes A LOT of TIME, ENERGY, and WORK. No one sees the behind the scenes work blogging entails. People see your instagram pictures which probably took hours to plan, yet think it took you minutes. People see your blog post which took a lot of genuine thought and effort. They assume you spent five minutes writing it. People see a picture of you smiling and assume you have it so easy, when minutes before you were crying in the bathroom. My point is, people CHOOSE to see what they want. Since I started blogging I realized people who don’t genuinely care for you, start to see you the way THEY WANT TO. They no longer see you for who you are. Why? I am not really sure. I haven’t quite figured that part out yet, and I don’t plan to. It’s their problem not mine.

Walls down words Flood in

Blogging also forces you to let your walls down on your biggest insecurities and opens you up for A LOT of criticism. I never experienced such negativity than when I started my blog. People are so eager to throw out their opinions and judgment without any care in the world who they hurt. What they don’t know is I have thick skin. I was made for this.

I’ll never forget when I first read some of the nasty things that people were saying about me once I decided to put my families story out there! Buckle in, because they are some HARSH and HURTFUL statements. Some of those statements include and are not limited too:

  • “She’s just a mom with a camera who loves herself. “
  • “Who does she even think she’s talking to when she does her videos? “
  • “Does she think people care about what she has to say? “
  • “It’s a little weird that she’s always talking into a camera and her children aren’t with her. “
  • “Why is she acting like her son is so sick, he looks fine?”

PHEW! I remember reading those statements for the first time and I was FLOORED. Those statements could not be further from the truth. It amazed me how nasty people can be behind a screen. It was the first time in my life I experienced such angry hatred.

Losing friends isn’t easy

mom on the computer blogging

When you decide to become a blogger prepare yourself for the hatred. Prepare yourself for the trolls. Prepare to lose some of the people you once thought were your friends. Yes. That happens. You find out quickly who is actually there for you. And if your blog starts to become successful? Get ready to cross some more friends off your list. You quickly realize who is really there for you and who really supports you.

Since starting my blog in March I realized a lot of things. I realized how nasty people can be, but also how nice complete strangers can be! Among all the hurtful things that I have read about myself, I have also experienced such kindness from people that I have never met. I have also connected with so many people who I did meet! Blogging. Instagram. Facebook. Youtube. They are all platforms for you to be whoever you want. For you to share whatever you want. For your to USE YOUR VOICE.

Forge your own path

I am sure many of you have experienced similar shade from people when you decided to step into the blogging world. Those statements may have even altered what you decided to share or post. I am here to tell you. Let those people be the fans that are screaming at the TV sitting on the couch eating chips and downing Miller. Because guess what? THEIR WATCHING THE TV! You are the TV their watching. You are the one who here and there may drop a ball, but you’re also the one who is making it.

While you make a difference or forge a new path for yourself, they are on the sidelines. So let them hate. Let them say what they want to say, while you go out and accomplish whatever it is you set to do. Use them as motivation. Let them fuel your fire to become even more than what you set out to be…

Live Larger
XOXO Theresa

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