A Mom Raising Boys

I always pictured myself as a boy mom. Growing up I was a major tomboy. Someone who always played with the boys. I was constantly involved in sports and always chose playing outside with my brothers over playing in the house with dolls. A mom raising boys seems to be what I was made for!

Raising boys is so much fun. It is adventurous, it’s challenging, and it’s extremely fulfilling. Of course, I don’t have a daughter, so I know no different. Boys have such a bond with their mothers. It’s something I have trouble even putting into words. I feel incredibly blessed to be a mom raising boys.

Raising Boys vs. Raising Girls

mom and son making a funny face

When it comes to raising boys, be prepared to be a totally different mother than a girl mom! If you just observe moms, you can tell which ones are raising boys and which ones are raising girls. I am pretty positive I literally repeat myself a trillion times when telling Michael to put his shoes on. Like seriously. Over and over again. Yet, he acts like the millionth time is the first time he has heard me say it. Don’t believe me? Jaime Tompkins Youtube video is a perfect depiction of the differences between boy moms and girl moms. I crack up every time watching this because it is so accurate. If you have not seen this you need to watch it !

Raising boys means tons of climbing - boy on the sink while brushing teeth

Boys literally find trouble and you could be right next to them. I swear I can be right next to Michael Jr. and somehow he’ll smack his face on the wall or trip over nothing. Not only that, I am constantly talking about poop, butts, farts, and anything else toilet related. I will never forget trying to potty train Michael. My dude literally pooped on our driveway! I about died. He used to hold it until I wasn’t paying attention and poop somewhere absolutely ridiculous. Why?! I just don’t understand.

While I am on the topic of poop and toilets – It does not get better as they get older. Sorry, but that’s the truth. I nearly died the other day when I walked into our bathroom and the toilet wasn’t flushed and there was poop all over the toilet paper roll. All I could do was laugh because it is so ridiculous! I think I mentioned in one of my other posts how insane I go trying to get Michael to remember to wash his hands and flush the toilet. It is ongoing!

Getting into Trouble

Raising boys means tons of wrestling matches
Frequent wrestling matches

The amount of times I thought our boys would die from the things they got into remains endless. When Michael was only 8 or 9 months old he got into Vics vapor rub. He ate the entire container and rubbed it all over his face. I can tell you one thing, his sinuses were open for months! He got into Biofreeze muscle rub spray and sprayed it in his eyes. All while we were within feet of him. I used to think it would be a miracle if Michael made it to his first birthday!

Forget about Privacy

raising boys means you have no privacy - boys in bathroom with me
Michaels creeping in the hallway

Remember that bond I mentioned earlier? That bond is beautiful but it also makes you sacrifice your privacy. My boys have no idea what that is. Our bathroom door is broken and if I am in there the boys are in there with me. Michael will specifically ask whether I am doing a number 1 or a number 2. He literally wants a play by play, and Owen just follows along in his footsteps. As much as it drives me crazy sometimes, I love it all. The fact that they just want to sit with me no matter what I am doing is a priceless part of raising boys.

Raising Boys – an adventure & even greater gift

Raising boys is an adventure. One where you will get dirty. Where you will wonder if you will make it to the end. One thing I can say for sure about raising boys is it is such a gift. I am in the position to raise not only my sons, but someone’s future husband, and hopefully someones father. I am thankful for the poop stories, for the messy house, for the phone calls to poison control. At the end of the day, my boys snuggle up to me and tell me how much they love me regardless of what transpired during the day. If you are a mom raising boys you know exactly what I mean and if you don’t have boys I highly recommend trying for one !

Click to play some of the most epic dance parties you will ever see

My days are full of some of the most ridiculous things you could think of – full blown toddler naked dance parties, running outside in their underwear, poop talk 90% of the day, bruises, scrapes, and everything in between. However, my nights are filled with smiles, hugs, kisses, and some of the biggest snuggles you could ever imagine. I wouldn’t trade having boys for anything in the world…

Live Larger
XOXO Theresa

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