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What mom style are you?

When I think about my own style, sometimes I don’t even know where to begin. I can’t say that I fit into any one category, aside from comfort. Sometimes, I can rock shabby chic comfort with a pair of leggings & cute hoodie, or I can rock the hot mess mom look, complete with a messy bun, no deodorant, and food in my hair. There is a big range in the clothes that grace my body!

As a mom, I would have to say, comfort is at the top of my priority list when it comes to style and what I choose to wear. For years I use to think that in order to be comfortable, I would have to sacrifice looking cute. So for years I did just that. All throughout high school and probably most of college I LIVED in sweatpants. I rocked the hot mess mom look and I didn’t even have children yet ha! Not anymore! Guys, I literally am about to blow your mind when I introduce you to my all time favorite online boutique – Fourever Lane!

Comfort & Style

If you value comfort, AS WELL as looking beautiful and feeling amazing, you need to check out Fourever Lane. Not only do they have an online website to shop from, but they have a Facebook Group where you can shop their latest looks live. When I tell you that their stuff FLIES off the shelves I am not kidding!

Mom holding boy wearing Fourever Lane
Jeans & Shirt from Fourever Lane – wear them LITERALLY all the time

Shop Small & Support the Hustlers

Let me tell you why I love this boutique so much. Fourever Lane is run by Meagan Parker, one of the most selfless and generous people I have met online. She is a hustler and truly cares about making women feel beautiful. She connects with her customers and really tries to help them shop and find things that will make them feel amazing. Another reason? Hello?! Small business woman owner!! I LOVE supporting other women who are working their ass off for a dream of theirs. It is inspiring. I literally watched Meagan turn Fourever Lane into a booming small business practically over night.

Mom Holding son with glass of wine in Fourever Lane dress
One of my favorite sweater dresses from Fourever Lane – worn on Thanksgiving

Not only is the hustle behind Fourever Lane inspiring, but so are their clothes. Their comfortable, interesting, completely on trend, and INSANELY affordable !! I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve worn something from Fourever Lane and been asked where I got it from. In fact, in the two photos on my main page I am wearing Fourever Lane. The cutest jumper for Easter, and my favorite thermal shirt! They have everyday wear as well as clothes you can dress up, wear out on the town, or to a wedding ! They seriously offer everything!

Something for every shape and size

My whole closet is full of their inspiring clothes and I feel beautiful every time I put them on. Not only do I find them amazing, but so do so many woman of all different shapes & sizes! Just go on their Facebook page and you will see all different women sharing their pictures and love for this brand.

Fourever Lane does weekly launches with brand new inventory and they are always keeping up with the seasons and what is hot & on trend. They also have an app that you can shop from! I’ll link it here.

Whether you are sick of your current wardrobe, hate going to the mall (ahem me!), or want a small family business to support (which is run by one of the biggest hustlers I know) I highly suggest you give Fourever Lane a try! I have a feeling you will fall head over heels & Fourever in Love.

Live Larger
XOXO Theresa

P.S. It was their one year anniversary yesterday !! Give my girl some love !

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