Why is seeing another perspective so hard to do sometimes? I have asked myself this question a lot lately. It’s difficult, at times, for me to see the perspective of others. Especially if their perspective differs from my own. I think the reason it is so hard to do, is because it forces us to look outside of our current perspective and viewpoint. It forces us to accept that our way of seeing things is not the only way.

Perspective forces you to consider other opinions outside of your own. It takes some soul searching and the ability to set your pride aside, to be able to consider other perspectives. We have to step outside of ourselves and our current situation and try and see things from a different lens.

Having a Different opinion is OKAY

Everyone can benefit from trying to gain perspective outside of their own. One of the most frustrating things I have experienced in our society is the lack of acceptance people have when perspective is different. Whatever happened to having different opinions but still being able to coexist? The way society is today, people are no longer capable of disagreeing and still remaining friends. It boggles my mind.

Whatever happened to learning from one another? What in the world are we going to learn if we all see things the same way? There’s beauty in seeing things from different perspectives. The mind is powerful and we can learn so much from the minds of other people if we just allow ourselves too. Today, everyone is so quick to get offended. Everyone is so quick to cut people out of their lives who don’t agree with their views. We can disagree and still love one another!

We all need to come together and get a grip! It is really getting out of control. I am going to do my best to stifle my annoyance and outrage but I can’t promise anything!

PSA: If your easily offended turn back now

Yesterday my husband sent me an article about a local high school in my area. Neshaminy Highschool, also known as the Neshaminy Redskins, is being forced to “stop the use of imagery that can negatively stereotype Native Americans.” I wish you could see my eyes rolling right now! If we look hard enough we can ALWAYS find a reason to be offended.

Can we all gain some perspective here? If it’s not a logo or name people are being offended by, it’s praying as a team before a football game, or having a different opinion. It is getting out of control.

Do you see a stink being raised about the ABC TV show called Black-ish? I certainly have not. Could you imagine if a show aired that was called White-ish? Let me tell you it wouldn’t happen. Am I offended by the ABC show? Of course not! Why would I be?! We can’t have our cake and eat it too. If we continue to look for things to be offended by trust me we will find them. Pretty soon every symbol, name, and mascot will be offensive.

Creating division

We are inherintly creating devide by being offended by everything. Let me give you another example. I am Catholic. Those of you who have known me personally know that. But for those of you who are new here now you know. I am proud of being Catholic and I am proud of my faith.

The rainbow in Catholicism is seen as a symbol of God’s promise. It’s a special symbol for Catholics. It’s sacred. Do you see me being offended that it is used as the symbol for LGBTQ rights? And before you get offended (haha) take a breathe!

I choose peace rock - perspective

My point in making this comparison is that I COULD be offended by it. But I am not! I am happy to coexist with others who come from a different perspective than me. I can and want to learn from them. We don’t have to agree on everything to be compassionate to one another and share the same space. If we can’t coexist amongst each other this world will fall apart. We minoritize ourselves! We put ourselves into these segregated communities and don’t even realize it, but that is what’s happening.

Let compassion lead

If we come together and let compassion be our go to response, things in the world could change for the better. Let’s love each other despite our differences. Let’s coexist amongst one another even if our views are different. But for the love of God can we please stop letting every little thing offend us.

I honestly can’t even believe changing the local high schools name is in the news. Why is that even something that is being debated? We are exhausting so much time on trying not to offend anyone! Let’s use that time and energy to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Addressing concerns like poverty, the drug abuse problem in Philadelphia, education. I mean seriously, there are so many things in the world that need fixed yet we are talking about a high schools logo?! I can’t even.

Change your perspective

So let’s all gain some damn perspective. Let’s acknowledge each others differences and stop being offended by everything ! I don’t care what you have to do to get there. Lay upside down, read things backwards, or do something that helps you see things differently. Let’s stop taking steps backward and move forward together. I have faith that we can do that together…

“Live Larger”
XOXO Theresa

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  1. Yessssssssssssss ma’am. I love it. I fully agree with all of this and it will take this perspective from some of us “older” millennials (eye roll) to spread this ideology to our younger generational cohorts. Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work!!

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