Living a Nightmare

It has been a minute since I have gotten on here and wrote some of my two sense. With the holidays and my health and chronic pain, I have needed to take a break. Ever since starting my blog and making the decision to allow the world into our family, I have seen two sides of people on social media. There are the people who cheer you on, connect with you, and have nothing but kind words to say. And then there are the trolls. Let me tell you, the past few days was the worst display of trolling I have ever seen in my life. A woman is living a nightmare and people are blaming her for it.

A mother’s worst fear

If you haven’t been on social media the past few days you may of missed one of the most gut wrenching and heartbreaking stories I have ever read. Famous Youtube and influencer Brittani Leach, lost her three month old son. He was found unresponsive and not breathing on Christmas day during his nap. This is one of parents worst nightmares. This fear plagues me everyday. I remember when Michael Jr. was that age. He would sleep for hours and I was always paranoid that he had stopped breathing in his sleep. My fears for Owen remain even worse. Owen actually did stop breathing in his sleep, on multiple occasions, due to his enlarged tongue as a result of Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome. His tongue obstructed his airway numerous times when he slept. It’s a terrifying feeling. At least I was able to shake him awake and never have to live the nightmare that this woman is now living.

The Leach family before they started living a nightmare
The Leach Family

What’s even worse than the passing of her beautiful boy Crew, is some of the comments I read on her posts. They are despicable, deplorable, and down right disgusting. Some women criticized her for taking pictures of her ordeal and posting them. One actually said something along the lines of, “is this even real? How could this actually be happening and you’re taking pictures and filtering them with Lightroom?” Guys are we serious? A grieving mother is living an actual nightmare and people write comments like that to her?! What in the actual fu*k?! What ever happened to if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything?!

If you don’t have something nice to say

Others trolled her page with their anti-vax agenda, or acted as if she decided to pull the plug on her son too soon. People bombarded her with comments about how awful it was that she only gave her son three days on life support. I mean wow is all I can really say. Among the hatred, there was an outpouring of hope and love for her family (thank god, my hope in humanity is momentarily restored). But I am sure for Brittani, the negative comments cut deeper than a knife.

Everyone copes differently

I can speak from personal experience. When you have a child in the hospital or that has a chronic condition, social media can be helpful to cope. You may not understand why, but then again do you really want to? Because if you do, then you would have to go through what she is going through now, and let me tell you no mother ever wants to feel that pain. She has to find a way to carry on with her life without her beautiful son, and she may never find out why he’s gone. Try and imagine how painful that must feel.

Keep your negativity to yourself

Why are people so ugly? I thought I had seen it all, even in my own experience with internet trolls, but seriously this was a whole new level. Trolling a grieving mother and acting like she somehow is to blame, or somehow loves her son any less because she is sharing her ordeal is pure evil. To question if she is doing this to gain followers is insane. Those of you who attacked her should be ashamed of yourself. This is why there is so much hatred and evil in the world. To attack a mother when she is at her weakest most vulnerable state is the lowest thing you could do in my opinion.

If you have those thoughts, keep them to yourself and keep it moving. Would you go up to her in person in the hospital and say those things? My guess would be no. So don’t say them to her online just because you have the safety net of a computer screen or an Iphone. Be better than that. And like I said, if you can’t, then keep your shit moving…

Live Larger
XOXO Theresa

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  1. Dry well said. This is breaking my heart! I can’t imagine, nor would I want too. May God give them the strength in the days ahead!

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