Social Responsibility

Since I started my blog less than a year ago I really started to get a good look into society and the lack of social responsibility there is today. Social responsibility means thinking about more than just yourself when making decisions. It means that you think about others and how they will be affected by decisions you make. With so many people on social media you would think that social responsibility would be booming. News Flash! It’s gone completely down the tubes.

Mind your business

I can’t even tell you how many times I have heard, “If it doesn’t affect you then mind your business” I’m sorry what? Since when do decisions only affect one person. Whether we want to own it or not, decisions we make affect more than just ourselves. I could decide to go left instead of right and my whole day and those I interact with is different then if I decided to go the other way. We have an obligation to stop being so self-centered. Think about the social responsibility that was exercised during World War 2. If we would have stayed in a self centered mindset as a society, who knows how that time in history could have ended.

Social responsibility applies to so many things in the world today. Without getting political, just think about some of the issues that surround our world today and think about some of the arguments used to either defend or support those issues. We need to realize that just because we make a decision for ourselves does not mean that decision doesn’t affect others, or totally shift the course of peoples lives other than our own.

Our decisions affect EVERYONE

I truly believe that if people thought more about others when making decisions, the world would be a better place. There would be so much less hate. So much less anger. So much more peace and understanding. We have no idea how much time we have on this earth, and whether you believe there is life after death or not, our actions and decisions do affect one another. I think the reason people don’t want to make decisions with other people in mind is because those decisions are harder to make. They’re more inconvenient. It is easier to just consider yourself and that be the end of it.

Social responsibility isn’t easy. It took me a really long time to get this kind of a mindset. Before children, sure I had my beliefs. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t self centered when it came to the decisions I made. I made decisions based on what worked best for me and where I was at in my life. Then I had children. Damn did they flip my world upside down. I quickly realized that EVERY decision I make, whether it seems small or insignificant, affects them some way some how.

Kids running to water social responsibility means our decisions affect more than just ourselves

So here is my challenge for you. When you are about to make a decision ask yourself why you’re making it. Is the main reason because of yourself? Your life? Does that decision use the words me, mine, myself, or I? What if, for a second, you allowed yourself to think about who else could possibly be affected by the decision you’re about to make? How far down the effects of your decision could trickle? I have to believe that as a society we can make better decisions as a whole if we stop being so self centered. We all live amongst one another so why should we make decisions as if we don’t?

Make change by thinking of others

Use your voice. Make a difference. Realize that we live in this world TOGETHER, and in order to do so peacefully we need to think of others when making decisions. Make your decisions more thoughtfully. Insert some social responsibility into your decision making and just see what a difference it can make.

Live Lager
XOXO Theresa

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