Diggerland – From tractors to water slides

It has been more than a hot minute since I have blogged about a fun place to go! The last time I did was almost a year ago when I wrote about my yearly girls trip with my sisters and mom in Ocean City, NJ. I am challenging myself to get back into writing and share things I love. That is why I felt sharing about our recent trip to Diggerland was more than appropriate! So what do you think, can you dig it?

Yesterday my husband, both the boys, and my youngest sister took the trip to Diggerland. A place that has the best of both worlds. I was a little concerned that being in the heat all day would be a struggle for Owen. He has such a difficult time regulating his body temperature. You can catch more on that topic later this week on the blog and BWS newsletter. The heat was a none issue! It helped that it wasn’t the hottest day of the year, but their water park made all the difference. We did the rides and when Owen was feeling hot we went right over to the water park.

Hands on learning

Before I get ahead of myself, I first want to tell you about why Diggerland is such a blast. Everything is so hands-on. They have tons of different attractions that involve the kids DOING something! If the boys were too short to ride alone they would sit on our laps and drive the tractors with our help. They had several attractions where the boys could control the machine and dig their holes. Michael and Owen both LOVED the “Big Diggers”. They were digging holes and learning to use different controls on the machines. They LOVED it and they were having fun and learning at the same time.

One of Owen’s favorite attractions at Diggerland was The Mini Dig: Ducks. You could sit in it and snatch floating Ducks from a pond with a mini-excavator! It was so much harder then it looked! He sat on my lap and would help me control the machine while he and I would concentrate as hard as we could to “fish” for the floating ducks beneath us. Not only was it just fun to be together doing something so different, but it was also really cool to sit in a machine we have never sat in before.

There was everything from ride-on tractors, excavators, and cranes, to a play area with giant slides, an arcade, and a rock-climbing wall. There literally were things to do for every aged child. I was amazed at how much there was to do. We were there all day and weren’t able to do everything! Which was in a way nice, now when we go back we still have some new things to try!

Mid-day Cool off – Diggerland style

Midway through the day we stopped and ate where I challenged Michael Jr. To a dance battle and he won! He broke out moves I didn’t even know he had! We decided that it was mid-day and time to check out the water park. The water park was amazing. They had basketball nets in the water, slides, and inflatable obstacles course, and a splash pad area for younger children. They even have cabanas that you can rent for the day which are awesome.

After spending time at the water park, we decided to check out the rock climbing, zip line, and arcade. Mike took the boys to check out rock climbing and my sister and I decided to try the Soaring Eagle Zipline. The zip line was AWESOME! I have always been someone who is a thrill seeker so trying the zip line was a must. When you get in it they send you up by reversing you to the top. That was scarier for me than coming back down! The view once at the top of the zip line was amazing. We were 130 feet in the air and could see the entire park. We sat in the seat strapped in and enjoyed a 700-foot zip line down to the bottom.

Creating Memories for a lifetime

One thing that I was surprised at was the majority of the attractions and amenities were included in the price of a daily admissions ticket. The only thing we paid extra for was our food, the arcade, and our zip line ride. We paid $12 for my sister and me to take the ride together. For $39.95 you get a lot of value you can’t beat. If you purchase a ticket online and don’t end up going the day you purchased it will be honored at a later date.

The ride to Diggerland for us was under an hour and was worth every minute. I am big on spending quality time together as a family, especially if it involves learning and hands-on fun. This trip was especially important For Michael Jr. If you have read this far you might remember when I shared a few weeks ago how hard Michael has been struggling with COVID and the way everything is right now. To see him so happy and learning and laughing made every minute of my day yesterday so incredibly special. You can’t put a price on that. I wish I would have taken him so much earlier.

Both of my boys have always been children who are active and want to do hands-on activities so Diggerland was the perfect place. Not only were they learning, but they were experiencing and creating memories with us as a family that I know they will always remember. If Diggerland has been a place you have been thinking about going to, I wouldn’t think any longer. Go online and book your family some tickets. You will not be disappointed!

Live Large & Stay RARE.
XOXO Theresa

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